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Westbury White Horse
CLASS GoldGold Route Location
LENGTH 4.57 miles / 7.35 km
(Equivalent to 4.96 miles or 7.98 km on flat terrain)
TERRAIN Multi-Terrain
CALORIES Record your weight to find out Calories burned on this route

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The White Horse as seen to today is a copy of the original, remodelled in 1778. In the 1950s it was concreted over and painted white for preservation reasons.

This Route is of Moderate difficulty Sports Centre nearby Refreshments at Start Toilets near Start This is one of our hillier Routes

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richard haime Saturday 07/08/10 13:41:31
Good run, fairly flat to start, with a moderate up hill section following. Good if you want a hard 1st half followed by an easy return section (mostly down hill). Easy to follow directions. The view at the half way mark is stunning, approximately 200 degree vision of the surrounding countryside.

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