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Random Act of Kindness Ultra

Date / Time
Saturday, September 1, 2018 at 9:00 a.m.
Length 30.00 miles (48.3 km)

On September 1st in New Zealand, the furthest possible country from where this event is to take place, Llanelli, they apparently celebrate ‘Random act of kindness’ day and however tenuous you may find that link it is the inspiration behind this, the first and last ‘Random Act of Kindness’ ultra. So why is it thus titled I hear you ask? Well for one it is going to be the friendliest ultra ever with so many random acts of kindness you will be amazed. Acts by me, acts by you, acts by randoms. I will say no more, they wouldn’t be random then would they? You will learn more about what you can do after entering though. 

The race will be approximately 30 miles, for those of you who have done B2R it will turn at the mile 17 fuel station rather than going to Tumble, and cost approximately £30. For those that haven’t done it before this can only be classed as an ‘easy’ ultra, so if it is your first, you worry about getting lost, you need a good training run for bigger Autumn goals or you just want to spend some time with great people in a great location this is the race for you.

Sign up, bring your friends, let’s make the world, or this little corner of South Wales, a better place for a little while at least. In the meantime try and do a ‘random act of kindness’ everyday anyway, you don’t need a reason? Let someone out at a junction, leave a pound in the vending machine, compliment a stranger, pick up a piece of litter from outside your neighbours house….

Love Spreads!


Type of Race  Multi-Terrain
 SA14 9TD
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Entry Fee

In Advance : £28.00 (affiliated)  £30.00 (unaffiliated)

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Entry Limit 100
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Contact for Enquiries
Matt Rogerson


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