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Twyford Kids Triathlon

Date / Time
Saturday, June 17, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.
Length 1.49 miles (2.4 km)

Due to the success of this event last year in Twyford we are thrilled to be able to offer it to you again….and this event is part of the Triathlon England South Central Junior Series and kindly being sponsored by Interserve




Pool Swim in 25m outdoor heated swimming pool
Off-road cycle & run on grass around King George V Recreation ground


TriStars 3 (Age 13 – 14, YOB 2004/3) – 8am Start
300m Swim/4.8km Cycle/2.4km Run


TriStars 2 (Age 11 – 12, YOB 2005/6) – 8.50am Start
200m Swim/3.2km Cycle/1.8km Run


TriStars 1 (Age 9 – 10, YOB 2007/8) – 9.15am Start
150m Swim/1.6km Cycle/1.2km Run


TriStar Starts (Age 8, YOB 2009) – 9.40am Start
50m Swim/800m Cycle/600m Run


N.B.: Age is how old you are as of 31st December 2017

• £22 entry – no online entry fees

Type of Race  Multi-Terrain
Polehampton Junior School, Lodden Hall Road, Twyford RG10 9JA
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Entry Fee

In Advance : £22.00 (affiliated)  £22.00 (unaffiliated)

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Entry Limit 250
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Contact for Enquiries
Ellie Barnes

0118 988 2444

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